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My name is oz, the owner of this site.

I will be updating the "roadmap" of this collection in this room

I will be updating the "roadmap" of this collection as needed.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.









[Collection Concept and Framework]

Periodic mailing of special items to owners.

Various entry information will be announced on Twitter, so don't miss it!

LIST prices will be reviewed according to distribution prices. At this point, we are focusing on growing the collection and

We don't want to make short-sighted profits.

However, we do not want to dilute the value of existing holders' collections, so we plan to return the price increase to them in the form of bonus items.

We do not want to dilute the value of existing holders' collections, so we plan to return the price increase to them in the form of bonus items.

We will continue to implement projects that are not easily found elsewhere so that our holders can enjoy them.
























#26 Makoto

#115 Honoka

#334 Kotoha

#356 Lea

#613 Coma

#791 Rinrin

#792 Renren

#880 Sierra

#951 Rouge

#982 Paico

#1030 Chika

#1800 Nui

#1973 Kara

DollyMeDoll is OK for secondary use regardless of personal or commercial use.

(Some dolls are not eligible. Please refer to the notes)

We hope that you will continue to create fan art and make it more and more exciting!

However, we would be irresponsible to have a complete no-rule policy, so we have established some prohibitions.

However, we would be irresponsible to have a complete no-rule, so we have established some prohibitions.

If any of the following apply to you, we may ask you to suspend your entry.

However, we will not prohibit you from using the site unless you have something to do with it.

Please feel free to use the dolls.

Only a few dolls are exceptions.


Acts that are offensive to public order and morals.

In the case of excessive use that could be mistaken for official use.

Commercial use of a scale exceeding 10 million yen per year (in this case, please obtain permission from the management)

☆Other activities deemed inappropriate by the management.


Secondary use is allowed.

Secondary use is allowed, which means that other people may make secondary use of the NFT you own.

In addition, the Terms of Use may be updated or changed by the management in a timely manner in accordance with the rapidly changing NFT market conditions.

In such cases, all rules, except for those implemented prior to the changes, will apply to the modified terms and conditions.

Please take this into consideration when considering the pick-up of dolls or the use of dolls in secondary productions.


*You are also completely free to use DollyMeDoll's design on "original frame postage stamps" from the post office. However, while our management is OK with this, we have not yet confirmed what the post office will decide, so please contact the post office directly before paying for the stamps.

The following dolls require permission before use. Please note that unauthorized use of these dolls is not allowed.

26 Makoto

115 Honoka

334 Kotoha

356 Lea

613 Coma

791 Rinrin

792 Renren

880 Sierra

951 Rouge

982 Paico

1030 Chika

1800 Nui

1973 Kara









例としまして、「#2 Alice」 「#3 Kyoko」 「#4 Miki」の3キャラクターは、私が過去に創作した小説やゲームの登場キャラクターとなっております。

The goods to be given away from the official

We will be giving away "stories" that will imagine the individuality of the collections.

First, I will distribute the goods that I have designed.

However, if the designs are all of the same taste, it will not be very interesting, so I will commission illustrators I know or subcontractors to design the goods.

I will also ask illustrators and subcontractors that I know.

I plan to add designs by other creators as well.

We would also like to take the opportunity to solicit artwork from our holders and followers.

We will update the details as soon as possible, so please look forward to it.

As an example, "#2 Alice," "#3 Kyoko," and "#4 Miki" are characters from novels and games I have created in the past.









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